there's no god above me
no devil below me.
Feb 24 2016
curtailment: (did i leave my oven on?)
[ it's already a damn good day when even half of them make it back. so by those standards, this mission was nearly a miracle. most of the expedition team is drinking to their survival in the mess hall.

levi is only nursing a mug of weak beer and ignoring everything to the best of his ability. ]
Apr 15 2016 (UTC)
petora: <user name="condignly"> (pic#6726803)
[ That's no big deal, right? Being this close to him.

Wrong. It is or at least it's enough to make Petra lean back a little as her cheeks flush red. ]

Thank you.
Apr 20 2016 (UTC)
curtailment: (gross)
[ had petra had that much to drink? levi tilts his head to the side, a bit curious, and follows when she leans back. ]

Something wrong?
Apr 30 2016 (UTC)
petora: <user name="condignly"> (pic#6726795)
No, of course not.

I just wanted to give you some space. You know, personal space. [ Totally a lame cover. ]
curtailment: (DISGUSTING.)
You don't give me personal space most of the time.

[ and levi doesn't mind that as much as he might with others. at least petra keeps pretty clean. ]
May 12 2016 (UTC) - THAT'S OKAY!! i hope you did good.
petora: <user name="condignly"> (pic#6726804)
Well, maybe I want to give you some this time.

[ which is a white lie. it's more for her own benefit. ]
May 13 2016 (UTC)
curtailment: (did i leave my oven on?)
[ levi's not blind, and even if he doesn't have the most relationship experience... he can sense that there's something odd about petra, especially tonight.

the alcohol may be helping things along somewhat. ]

You don't have to.
May 16 2016 (UTC)
petora: <user name="condignly"> (pic#7224224)

[ She can't tell if she's actually a little surprised, or her nerves are making her surprise. It's probably her nerves. ] Well, if you say so.

[ She'll move a little closer now. ]
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